Friday, March 8, 2019

My new LG 34WK95U-W ultrawide 5K monitor

It seems like a long time from when this 5120x2160 monitor was announced until it became widely available.  At any rate, I finally got a LG 34WK95U-W and it's a beauty.

Before hooking it up, I needed to get a better graphics card.  I'm not a gamer so I don't need one of those high-priced power-hungry cards, but my old NVidia GeForce GTX 745 was insufficient.  I upgraded to a 1050 Ti with 4GB of memory.  It's priced reasonably, it's not too big for my motherboard (a 2015 HP) and it works with motherboard power.  I connected with DisplayPort 1.4.  The cable for this came with the monitor.

Installing the monitor was made harder by the skimpy documentation.  You'd think they would do better.  But I did figure it out.  The screen is beautiful and I love all that real estate.  I can have two or even three documents up at once.

Monday, December 3, 2018

ReSound Hearing Aids and Windows 10

I have ReSound hearing aids that I got from Costco.  They work fine and connect to my iPhone.  As near as I can determine, they use a non-standard version of Bluetooth to communicate.  I have tried to connect them to my Windows 10 computer, but no luck.  I can pair them via Bluetooth but they never show up as a sound device.  A standard sound device like Bluetooth headphones would show up automatically.  You can use these hearing aids fine with iOS and Android devices, but I believe they do not work with Windows devices, and likely not with Linux or Mac either. summary

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Netgear 8-port router FVS318G troubles - fixed!

We've been having troubles with our home network going down randomly.  It was getting worse and worse.  At first, I blamed Comcast, and there was indeed a problem there, but a technician came out and fixed that.  I finally figured out that the culprit must be our Netgear 8-port firewall router.  I think it has a relay in it and those eventually fail. (It would be nice if they supplied a circuit diagram, but that was the old days.)  This router was in use for years, not sure how many.  So I got a new FVS318Gv2 and installed it.  Bingo, no network problems.

Friday, February 27, 2015

What I Installed (and uninstalled) On My New PC


Adobe Flash Player (alas)
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 (from Costco)
Adobe Reader
Chess Hero
Eudora 6.2 (old mail program for my top 70 list)
EXIF file date changer
Firefox web browser
Houdini chess program
HP all-in-one software
MS HealthVault
MS Office Pro 2013
MS Visual Studio 2012
MUP music authoring program
NVIDIA graphics drivers
WD SmartWare backup
WinSCP FTP program


Bing Bar

Friday, February 13, 2015

Paint Desktop Version

I got a new HP computer.  It's nice and fast.  I'm doing my usual customizing.

Starting with PaintDesktopVersion.  This shows the Windows version and build number that you're running in text in the lower right of the desktop background.

To activate (so I will remember in future): Windows key + R and run regedit.  Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.  Find the DWORD value PaintDesktopVersion (or create it if necessary) and set the value to 1.  Reboot.

Windows 8.1 very slow after update

Windows insisted on updating my Windows 8.1 installation.  It said save your stuff, we're rebooting in 14 minutes!  Now that's annoying, but even worse, after the reboot, it ran slow as molasses in winter.

I finally figured out what was wrong.  I ran Task Manager and clicked on the Performance tab.  Down at the bottom is a button/link for the Resource Manager.  I clicked that and it showed my C: disk, not full, but being used 100% of the time.  Sure enough, the disk light was on almost continuously.  Something funky with the C: disk!

After googling about this, I ran (in an admin level command line) chkdsk /r/f c: and then had to reboot for it to take effect.  This command checks and repairs the hard disk.  They tend to fail after about 5 years.  Anyway, this ran for HOURS stuck at 12% but finally completed and the problem was fixed!

So yay for chkdsk.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Problems with WD SmartWare install: UPDF_UNLK1.html

I had problems updating my Western Digital backup software, WD SmartWare.  It stopped in the middle of the install saying it couldn't copy the file UPDF_UNLK1.html and this file was like a tar baby - you touch it and Windows Exlorer hangs and I had to reboot.

I finally figured out a fix: rename the WD SmartWare folder to WD StupidWare.  After that, the install worked fine and even deleted the WD StupidWare folder, too.